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Lobster Braised Daikon Recipe

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

by Richard Willey

We have gotten a washoku recipe by an enthusiastic home cook, Richard Willey. When he learns cuisines, he sees every single corner of details and executed perfectly. This is a traditional Japanese dish with the regional classic flavor = LOBSTER BROTH! What else can be "Washoku Renaissance" in Boston?

Here is why he made the dish -

"Over the past couple months I’ve gotten kind of obsessed with braised daikon. I’ve probably made it close to a dozen times now. The dish is tasty, inexpensive, and while there are a number of steps involved, its quite to make. Also, braised daikon is extremely flexible. It soaks up flavor from whatever you are braising it in, so you can use it to complement or offset a variety of different dishes.

This blog posting is my attempt to pass along some of what I have learned. (I’d like to thank Youji who was gracious enough to share some tips and tricks that I wouldn’t otherwise have figured out)"

Please check his work and recipe at:

and leave your comment here!

-Washoku Renaissance

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