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Keyboards, Record Production, DJ, Writer, Bartender, Cocktail Creation/Beverage Manager, Event Producer, Educator.

2022 - I am partner at Lullaby, a cocktail lounge at 151 Rivington St in the Lower East Side of NYC, opened March 2022. One week a month I DJ, bartend and act as "bar ambassador" to customers.

I've worked with many brands over the years, doing events for them and creating cocktails. Brands include Bacardi, Campari, Appleton Rum, Macchu Pisco, Suntory, Four Roses, Haus Alpenz, Dewars, Tanqueray, Santa Teresa Rum, Avua Cachaça, Jack Daniels, Fernet Branca and many more.

I have an extensive vinyl collection and spin vinyl more often than not. I spin digital when schlepping turntables around is not an option.

in regards to our discussions here - I have a large collection of Japanese vinyl and CD's, mostly from Showa Era. In the 1990's I worked with Shibuya-Kei artist Pizzicato 5 and Fantastic Plastic Machine (TANAKA Tomiyuki), a good friend and fellow vinyl record fiend. I also am a collector of Kayokyoku, Enka and what is now called City Pop. My favorite artists include YAMASHITA Tatsuro, OKUMURA Chiyo, KIMURA Keiko, MATSUBARA Miki, SENDO Nobuko, OHNUKI Taeko, TACHEUCHI Mariya, KUKUCHI Momoko, Nona Reeves, Kirinji and KAJI Meiko. There is always more to hear. I'll post some playlists soon.

I'm also a fan/collector of Nikkatsu noir/Yakuza films, Toei's Pinky Violence series (especially Meiko Kaji's Scorpion and Stray Cat films), and my childhood faves all of Toho's rubber suited monsters - Godzilla and friends.


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