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Dining Instructions

Please check dining instructions for your takeout boxes as needed.

Feedback for other necessary instructions to be added is appreciated!

Soy Sauce Instruction

All Sashimi Chirashi boxes will come with a small WR original soy sauce bottle. (For poke boxes come with WR original poke sauce, whose fish are lightly seasoned with sesame oil and sea salt.) Please pour a little amount of sauces from top of sashimi/sushi fish instead of putting it in a saucer to make wasabi soy sauce to dip in, unless you really have to. 

For the new Shyun Washoku Omakase Boxes, most of you will have two kinds of soy sauce. One of them is a type of white soy sauce for fish with milder flavor and lighter in color.  For Holiday Special Boxes, there are particular blends of sauce in pipettes for designated items.  

Soup Heating Instructions

On a stove top : Heat up to medium simmer. Avoid boiling it to lose miso or shoyu flavor. 

In a microwave : Set to warm for 60 - 90 seconds (1500W - 1100W) with the special lid.


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