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Emma no Ouchi


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Episode-9, 11/27/2022
Chef Youji and Rod talk to Prof, Takeshi Matsui about his research on the acceptance of Japanese food in American food culture. (Uncut)

Emma’s Place is a new collaborative between Chef Youji and Rod Obien, a New Hampshire-based professor and archivist.


We have had these great conversations over the summer about starting a podcast and YouTube channel, where we could talk about Japanese home cooking, Washoku cuisine, art, and culture. We decided on the concept of Emma’s Place, Emma no Ouchi, as a creative space where we could host these conversations and have fun. Weekly podcast and a monthly video is plan to be streamed by Youji and Rod.


In addition to podcast and videos, we hope to organize events for people to learn about Japanese home cooking, culture and art.

You can find Emma Place’s YouTube channel at:


Episode-3 9/5/2022.  History of Washoku Part-2 / Kamakura Era

Episode-4 9/19/2022  Washoku Cuisine Part-1 / History of Miso

Episode-5 10/3/2022  Washoku Cuisine Part-2 / My Selection of Shoyu

Episode-7 11/3/2022. What we have learned so far about Washoku.

Episode-8 11/22/2022. Chef Youji discusses about Cha Kaiseki.

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