The Fresh

The fresh ingredients we use are by seasonal, sustainable, and local available in the market. Most local fish are treated in freezing temperature for a certain period to make sure the safety. Some Japanese fish are treated with kombu-curing, aging, etc. Here is the list for this week.

Main Suppliers:

Wulfs Fish, Mullaney's Fish Market, American Unagi, Martinez Seafood

Wulfs Sustainable Program


Sustainable Salmon Farm / Available at Mullaney's

Vella Seafood

Watch "B.C. spot prawns: A sustainable delight all Canadians should taste | We Are The Best" on YouTube

The Fresh of the Week 6/23-24


John Dory* (Rhode Island)

Bluefin Tuna* (Maryland) Atalantic Bluefin has been sustainable since 2019

American Unagi (Maine)



Bigeye Tuna* (Brazil)

Vella Certified Organic Salmon* (Norway)

Hiramasa / King Fish* (New Zealand)

Branzino / Sea Bass* (Greece)

Dorado / Sea Bream* (Spain)

Botan Ebi / Spotted Prawn* (BC, Canada)

Uni / Sea Urchin* (Tasmanian)


Masuno-Suke / King Ocean Trout* (Hokkaido)

Kinmedai / Premium Alfonsino* (Chiba)

Umeiro / Yellowtail Blue Snapper* (Fukuoka)

Akamutsu / Premium “Fatty” Ocean Perch* (Fukuoka)

Akahata / Premium Grouper* (Fukuoka)

Gen Saba / Premium Mackerel* (Fukuoka)

Tsuri Aji / Line Caught Premium Horse Mackerel* (Fukuoka)

Hotate / Scallop* (Hokkaido)

Aori Ika / Bigfin Reef Squid* (Toyosu)



Yuzu Tobiko* All Natural (USA)


Marinated Ikura* (BC, Canada)

White Sturgeon Royal Caviar* (USA)

Bottarga* (Spain)

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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