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The Fresh

The fresh ingredients we use are by seasonal, sustainable, and local available in the market. Some Japanese fish are treated with kombu-curing, aging, etc. Most of local and some worldwide fish varieties have to be treated in freezing temperature for a certain period to make sure the safety.

Here is the list of our suppliers and relationship to practice sustainability.

Main Suppliers:

Wulfs Fish, Mullaney's Fish Market, American Unagi, Martinez Seafood

Wulfs Sustainability Program


Featured Sustainable Fish

Loch Duart Salmon

Great Atlantic Trading (WR Kaluga Hybrid Royal Amber)

Local Relationship

Eating with the Ecosystem

Now I am a board member,


Recipe - Ramen Noodle Soup with Green Crab Broth


Watch "B.C. spot prawns: A sustainable delight all Canadians should taste | We Are The Best" on YouTube

The Fresh of the Week of 1/10


Wild Bluefin Tuna* (Gloucester)

Wild Bluefin Tuna* (Rhode Island)

Red Crab (New Bedford)

Uni* (Gloucester)


Loch Duart "Ikejime" Salmon* (Scotland)

Hiramasa / King Fish* (Australia)

Botan Ebi / Spotted Prawn* (BC, Canada)


Sawara/ Spanish Mackerel* (Fukuoka)

Aori Ika / Bigfin Reef Squid* (Fukuoka)

Ebisudai / Soldierfish* (Fukuoka)

Kinmedai / Alfonsino* (Chiba)

Iwashi/ Saradine* (Hokkaido)

Kamasu / Barracuda* (Nagasaki)

Maguro Aji / Jack Mackerel* (Amakusa)

Tennen Tai / Sea Bream* (Fukuoka) ​

Yaitogatsuo / Kawa Kawa* (Kanagawa)

Kinki/ Kichiji Rockfish* (Hokkaido)

Sujiko/ Autumn Salmon Roe* (Fukuoka)

Hotate / Scallop* (Hokkaido)



Yuzu Tobiko* All Natural (USA)


Ikura /Salmon Roe* (BC, Canada)

Kaluga Royal Amber Caviar* (Amur, China)

Smoked Trout Roe* (USA)

Bottarga* (Spain)

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions to Instagram @shyun_washoku or email to

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