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Info: WR Fundraising Initiative

July - September 2021

Washoku Renaissance (OnkoChishin LLC) launched a fundraising initiative to support charity organizations that help communities in need. It is a small-scale effort to begin with, but we plan to continue with it once we have a permanent business location sooner or later. 

In September, we raised 5% of total sales to, Charlie Handt who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

As some of you may know, my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2019. Although leukemia is a curable disease, my daughter’s anaphylaxis reaction to Polyethylene Glycol made bone marrow transplant the only possible treatment option for her. Thank God, my youngest son had a 99% donor match, and the surgery was successful. But the strong radiation therapy before the surgery affected her physical condition and caused a potentially fatal complication that sent her to the ICU. She was extraordinarily strong and eventually recovered enough to return home. But it’s also because of the amazing support we received from the hospital, organization, and individuals who saved not only my daughter, but also our whole family. That’s why I choose to give that back to the community around the Boston area.

In July, I set up this fundraising effort to benefit Cure Rare Disease**, a Boston-based nonprofit organization researching and developing effective, life-saving treatments for people with rare genetic disorders for which they’ve been told there is no treatment or cure. One of my best friend’s friend has a son, Charlie, with a rare Duchenne muscular dystrophy mutation. Through Cure Rare Disease, a team of researchers at Yale is working on creating a customized therapy for Charlie and other children. Although we will pause in October, please help us in supporting them in any way possible! You can learn more at Charlie's Cure ( and

Thank you very much!

Yours truly,

Youji Iwakura

Washoku Renaissance

OnkoChishin LLC

**About Cure Rare Disease

Cure Rare Disease, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Boston, is transforming possibilities for people with rare diseases by developing customized therapeutics in time to save lives. Through a collaborative community of forward-thinking families, patients, scientists and supporters, Cure Rare Disease has enabled an ecosystem of innovation and discovery to overcome the obstacles inherent in existing models of medicine and to expedite individualized genetic corrections from clinical research to cure.  Learn more at

Cure Rare Disease was chosen as our July organization in honor of Charlie Handt, whose parents are close friends with one of Youji's closest friends. Cure Rare Disease is working to develop a customized therapy for Charlie, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. You can learn more about Charlie's story at

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