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"Sokai Reishu"
Junmai Kimoto

Youji's Sake Notes 1-1

I have subscription service at Tippsy Sake and this sake is one of six half bottles (300ml) in the second box. (Sets of sake will be delivered to your home quarterly with this program.) It comes with tasting notes, pairing, and serving temperature recommendation. “Sokai Reishu” means refreshing chilled sake, which is meant to be enjoyed 40-60F, but Tippsy Sake also recommends room and warm temperature with this sake.

Temperature matters?

At 40 – 60F, the sake shows “the subtle aroma of melon and white flowers”. Honestly, it was not appealing enough to me by itself at the first sip. I warmed it up to 85F and I found more aroma and stone fruit in taste. I loved it at 100F the best. That is what Junmai Kimoto sake often offers because of how kimoto is processed and time it takes. But the product called “Sokai Reishu”. The producer would like us to enjoy it at cold temperature.

Daishichi Kimoto

One thing I remember about Daishichi sake in 1990s, the sake was kimoto, (I will explain about "kimoto" in a sepatate column soon.) including their signature Junmai Daiginjo “Minowamon”, when other sakes weren’t kimoto except a few yamahai (= yamaoroshi-haishi, a kind of kimoto with less steps) available in Boston. Daishichi featured kimoto, and kimoto represented Daishichi. So, the subtitle can be their suggestion that we should try this kimoto at cold temperature to enjoy without thinking. In fact, when pairing with some food, quiet but large capability of underlying umami that this sake has assisted the flavor combination perfectly in my mouth. (Gohyakumangoku rice may play a role there.) 

Let’s raise cold sake cups to the producer!


Daishichi "Sokai Reishu" Junmai Kimoto is very versatile so that it can be paired with any authentic Japanese food. My suggestion is at cold temperature with simple preparation of sashimi, only fresh wasabi and quality soy sauce, or at room to warm temperature (70 – 115F) with yakitori tare sauce.

Would you try it and share your opinion with me? Let's discuss at "General Discussion" in "Forum" page.



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