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Kikumasamune "Kojo" Junmai

Youji's Sake Notes 1-5

It was the first sake I tried among Tippsy Sake’s third Seasonal Box of 6 bottles. Kikumasamune Brewery is founded in 1659, about 350 years ago, before many Japanese traditional times and culture we talk about now. Their sake was consumed by samurai in Edo period, gone through Meiji Restoration, and survived the world wars.  They also must have a challenging time during the pandemic, but this reasonable modern and authentic premium sake must be a survivor.

Brewer's Yeast Matters?

The sake rice is not specified, but the yeast is their own, newly invented Kikumasa HA14, which produces high level of ethyl caproate with fresh honey crisp apple aroma (like ginjo aroma) making the taste unique and pleasant. On my palate, cantaloup-like flavor turns to spring leaves, and it slides down on tongue. Finish with a little cedar notes and lingering umami. Complex but dry. I rarely found the level of aroma and sharp clean tone in sake whose rice polished only to 70%. The yeast should contribute a lot, and the brewer must be very proud of it!


Tippsy Sake suggests that it is enjoyable at cold temperature (40 – 60F). I personally like it closer to 70F, so that I can notice more flavors in it. Let me know what you can taste!


The tasting card says "Meat, Fruits". I would pick nice and delicate wagyu for meat. Fruits should be a perfect fit. Try 70% dark chocolate. The "Kojo" fruitiness adds bright note like peels.

Would you try it and share your opinion with me?  Please join WR Cafe to discuss.



Youji's Sake Notes 1-6 (Coming soon!)
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