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WR TakeHome
Shyun Washoku 

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What is WR TakeHome?

We provide modern interprtation of Japanese take-home boxes,

sashimi donburi, sashimi, crudo,

chirashi-zushi (assorted raw fish on sushi rice)

and nigiri sushi for pick-up on designated days.

Our product:

At WR TakeHome Pickup (formerly known as WR Curbside) at Foundation Kitchen, Somerville, MA since March 2021, we strive to serve fresh, seasonal and sustainable chirashi boxes and nigiri sushi boxes with uniquely curated ingredients. Although they are not the same as ones we would serve at the moment right in front of you, we have pursued the highest standard to execute the product particularly for our guest to enjoy at home since the middle of the pandemic. Takeout used to be a kind of Grab & Go, sushi, mostly inside-out rolls with sauces and toppings.

We are not trying to go too far, but hope to be able to have you see and taste something different.

Not to be compared with others. Each food service establishment has its own concept and goals, so do we.

We would like you to feel our 温故知新 and 一期一会, and give us your any feedback,

so that we can keep moving forward.

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To order:

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