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Order & Pick-up Guide 2023 Shyun Washoku Boston by Washoku Renaissance at The Graphic Lofts

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

To Order:

  1. Shyun Washoku at The Graphic Lofts will be open Thursday through Saturday in January from 1/13 Friday, with a new casual menu. "WR Signature Sashimi Chirashi, and Sushi Kaiseki" menu can be scheduled as a pop up occasionally, or upon enough requests.

  2. Schedule may be taken over by pop-ups and private catering bookings. I also take long advance pre-order for pick-up with less minimum than with a private catering. Send me a message directly.

  3. To order, press the button to jump on the Tock Shyun Washoku Boston by Washoku Renaissance online order page. The schedules are open about 14 days in advance, and closed when the spots are filled or 3 days prior to the pick-up date. (There is "Last Minute" menu closed 12 noon, a day before the pick up day unless it's sold out.)

  4. There are two or more menu/schedule tabs on Tock online order home page. Shyun Washoku Boston menu has all entree and sashimi/crudo a la carte. Market and Sozai Deli menu has pickles, soup, sozai vegetables etc. When WR Signature or Special (Holiday, Valentine's Day etc.) menus are scheduled, they will appear on the same page.

  5. See photos and description. Please attention to allergen you may have. There are lists for allergy accommodation. If any concern, please send me a message directly.

  6. Soup has a choice for temperature at pick-up. Warm (I heat it up hot as close to the pickup time, but the temperature will be cooling down depending on environment.) and cold, to heat it up at your home. Some entree offers a side soup for $3.

  7. There is DoorDash delivery option up to 8 miles. Please see "To Pick-up" section - 8 below.

  8. All sales are final and non refundable without reasonable exceptions***. (This policy is set by the cost and fees for ingredients, vendors, kitchen facility, and others. Contact us when you have a plan, but not ready for your payment.)

***Cancellation fee with the exceptions:

5 days (or more) in advance, 30%

72 hours (or more) in advance, 50%

36 hours (or more) in advance, 80%

Less than 36 hours and No Show, 100%

To Pick-up:

  1. I still use the term "Curbside" sometimes, but it's not curbside any longer, because you can enter the building. It is "TakeHome".

  2. The location is called The Graphic Lofts, 32 Cambridge Street, Charlestown, MA, right off the Sullivan Square Station, and across the Schrafft's City Center. NO MORE 3 WAHINGTON STREET, SOMERVILLE.

  3. There are a few parking lots in and around The Graphic Lofts. There is a back side parking. (most visible) You can pull over the alley on the building side with a hazard light, or stop in a parking spot while you pick up your food quickly. The most of the parking spots are for Foundation Kitchen. You cannot park to stay in the spots, but we understand you are picking up food from some of us. It is ideal that one of you stay in the car, and you will come inside the building. But if you are afraid of leaving your car, or you have a concern of COVID, flu etc, please wait right outside (or right inside) of the building door to wait until I can come up the curbside. I may need a little more time than coming up to the first floor food hall inside if I have other pickups.

  4. Current pickup location - There is a common dining area (in the photo) on the first floor with food booths including hand-made pasta shop, world cuisine, coffee shop (daytime), organic wine bar (night time), which you can eat/drink with WR/Shyun Washoku boxes. Let me know if you would like to stay there. You can use Shyun Washoku guest parking permit.

  5. The shared kitchen is located in the basement, not accessible for guests. If you dine on the first floor, I will come up to see you to chat a little after cleaning up the kitchen.

  6. Pick up time is 6:00 - 6:30pm now. Please wait until the pickup time. There is a reason why I don't complete your food earlier.

  7. If you are behind more than 30 minutes from the pick up time, or request late-pick up upon your order, please let me know. I can transfer your boxes to the regular cooler at below 37F from our temperature control locker at 50F for the rice and fish in the best condition together until picking up. However, the time passes in the safe-cool temperature, sushi rice gets colder, harder, and drier.

  8. While only private catering will be delivered by me, regular orders can be delivered by DoorDash on demand, up to 8 miles from The Graphic Lofts. (Fees will apply.) It will be a separate online order tab that I haven't set that up yet. Once I have inquiry, I will set the first one. Please attention: Door dash will charge you delivery fee and 20%(?) auto-gratuity on their end. (Tock will subtract from the total you pay.) There is no control on my end.

If you have any questions, please ask me directly from the button here. Your feedback helps WR's quality of the service. Thank you!


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