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Reinvention of Washoku Cuisine

What is "Washoku Renaissance"? 

Two decades ago, award-winning Chef Youji Iwakura brought to Boston a renaissance of authentic Japanese cuisine called Washoku.  In 2018, his Washoku Renaissance formed the concept behind his restaurant Kamakura, the first to introduce modern kaiseki cuisine to the area.  During the pandemic, he opened Washoku Renaissance, a ghost kitchen for upscale curbside takeout with his signature Sashimi Chirashi Sushi and Poke Jewel Boxes, which he continues to serve today.   Chef Youji is expanding his Washoku Renaissance through popup events, podcast and social media, and launching a new ghost kitchen and menu

at the Shyun Washoku by WR, located in the Graphic Lofts, Charlestown, Mass.

In 2023, Chef Youji plans also to bring Washoku cuisine to New Hampshire and Vermont, where he hopes to start a new renaissance for authentic Japanese food and the art of eating.

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