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WR Tea Room 御茶室 (for all members)

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I was wondering if anyone was familiar with a good source for Koji spores... I have been looking to get into the world of koji and have done some reading but am unsure where to purchase spores. Also if anyone has koji advice/info, please share!



May 16, 2022

Yes, for miso, the dried white koji is perfect to start. My wife, Keiko makes it. Our miso soup, as well as soup of the day for takeout sometimes, are made with her miso. I wish I could serve Todd's sake at The Graphic Lofts. The bar isn't ours and not sure if they carry the sake for guests there. I will start looking for a permanent location around Newton or Hingham where I can serve sake with my food. And this time, it'll be crowdfunding base as Fartheststar Sake is.



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