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Youji Iwakura
Sajin 茶人

Todd Bellomy, the former sake master at Dovetail Sake in Waltham, finally launched his own sake brewery, the one and only in MA, in Medfield. He is now the owner and the sake master, brewing the first batch to finish by Memorial Weekend. I heard there will be a ramen pop up at the opening!

He made one of the best sake in the US (I would say top two) at Dovetail Sake. This time, not only he makes the best, but also makes the tap room approachable and the price reasonable, using 70% rice milling rate. Logo and rice bags as you see in the picture stand for Si-Fi theme with his FSS brand. He showed me the modern equipment that makes sense for sanitation standard and casually high quality set up.

I prepared a tap exclusively for his sake at Kamakura before opening in 2018 to learn that Dovetail Sake was just closed. I'm very happy to see him opening his own, and hope I can have my own place to serve his sake on tap at last!

More to follow....




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