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WR Tea Room 御茶室 (for all members)

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Youji Iwakura
Sajin 茶人

So what is it called? It's "Chu-gaku Imo" (Yamadai Foods) instead of "Daigaku Imo" because of their size difference. Chu-gaku = highschool, Daigaku = University lol

Imo means potato.

Daigaku Imo was created i.n Taisho Era. (Rod,!) It says the campus was Tokyo University.

It's a piece of Yo-shoku.

Rod Obien
Rod Obien
May 03, 2022

So this is Taishō era Yoshoku. I wonder what the next size up 😉



Welcome to the Tea Room 御茶室 ! You can connect with other me...


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