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WR Tea Room 御茶室 (for all members)

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Rod Obien

My hobby is collecting photography that documents Japanese life from Taishō to Shōwa (1912-1989).

I started collecting food-related images, inspired by seeing Youji sans cooking. Here’s a color slide from 1970s Shinjuku; the chef is busy making Ebi Yaki (or is there another name?).

Any comments or interesting things you might see? I’m curious 🧐.

Youji Iwakura
May 04, 2022

For word grocery Kushi = skewers Yaki = Grill on a yakidai in this case. (Basically it means cooking by direct heat) Age = fry Tori = bird, chicken, poultry However, origin of yakitori isn't chicken. I believe it was more like wild, game birds Now this: Yaki-tori Kushi-yaki Kushi-age You know what they actually mean now! Robata is totally different culture (in up north region and cooking fish but not meat), except the fact for the similar cooking method by infrared heat. Robata food is not going to be smoky if you have a good skill on that.



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