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Edible Calligraphy Project 12.19.2021

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Early in last September, I called up Rayna to meet for discussion about Washoku Renaissance and Edible Calligraphy concept. She was so excited about it, and I looked for an opportunity to try the first demonstration, When Miko from Crane and Turtle in Bow Market asked me to make another sushi box at Bow Zen event in December, I shared the idea and told her that we would like to do the demonstration instead. Miko agreed and asked Chef Ellie Tiglao for us to use her space, Tanam, where she has already had her hybrid Philippine food concept there. Thus, the Edible Calligraphy was taken place in two sets for 50 minutes' each performance on December 19th.

Since there were no examples out there, we started from scratch to find how the brushstroke is enabled with two edible inks and on non-absorbent materials. Rayna changed the way to press and release in her stroke. I adjust my inks in finer grained texture because heavy density only worked to make bold edges, not beautiful stroke lines. We also had a hard time to find flat large white plates as a big canvas. Miko suggested us to use acrylic boards, which worked perfectly. It took almost a month to figure out materials and techniques, so we were given less than a month to put everything together, and to execute our edible calligraphy with my Formula 2004 style seasoned sashimi, in the busiest season for all of us.

Please see the video for our first attempt and accomplishment. Rayna and I plan to do this project again, time to time in 2022. Let us know if you are interested in the art that is edible, and food as an art form.!

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