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Green Crab Ramen in Revere Beach Ramen x EcoSystem

Back in the last summer, I started working on cooking with the Green Crabs, which is from Baltic Sea long time ago. Organizations such as Eating With The Ecosystem, Sea Grant, and restaurant chefs try anything to reduce the invasive species. 40 spat oysters, for example, can be bitten by the cute, but very aggressive crab each day.

I use a bag of the green crab to make lobster-like stock to create a simple, but flavorful, and intense enough to pair ramen noodles. You can see the recipe from the link here.

I also used Carribean Laughing Bird Shrimp from Wulfs / CleanFish sustainability program. Slow poached for 20 - 30 minutes with just enough seasoning to feature very clean natural flavor in the shrimp. Very yummy and juicy that my son can eat, who is allergic to the common preservatives.

In the Revere Beach, I used my favorite dried Chinese noodles from C-Mart, and Brooklyn Ramen noodle at Wulfs live streaming video to compare. The broth worked on both very well.

One can be very obsessive about each part of ramen. For me as a Japanese who ate thousands ramens in my childhood in Kanagawa pref, any style and set-ups can be ramen (or Shina-Soba).

Ramen as a modern fusion Japanese cuisine holds this project well and make the intense broth very approachable.

Miso soup at WR Curbside Takeout may have a little bit of Green crab broth. Let me know if you'd like to try.


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