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Shogun Feast Kaiseki Dinner

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This was a theme of our new kaiseki menu and concept towards the third year at Kamakura, which had to be closed permanently in the pandemic. We had the first reservation on Wednesday in the week the whole city was locked down in March 2020. The guest still would like to come after their life event in the City Hall right down the street. "Shogun Feast", after all, was never happened until last week with a new opportunity at an artist, Rayna's house. I took this moment to create the feast into sushi kaiseki form.

Rayna wrote a great blog about the dinner on her website. I stop my writing here this time. Please read about the contemporary calligrapher & illustrator Rayna Lo's experience at:

We'd appreciate your feedback..



Shogun Feast Appetizers


Rosé Champagne marinated Massachusetts oyster* nanbanzuke

Ora king salmon* and daikon radish sunomono

Smoked tuna* and watermelon

Scallop* & uni* “dumpling

Ikura* with shiso yam

Duck tataki* with ramp puree


蒸し物 Maine uni* chawanmushi


椀物 Maine lobster* miso-bouillabaisse

Hassun Japanese Squid Duo

八寸 Steamed hotaru-ika* with sweet miso vinegar

Sumi-ika* with spicy miso vinegar and dashi-nori emulsion



Miyazaki wagyu A5* and Japanese mushrooms on hot stone

--- Soup Intermission ---

中猪口 dashi-yuzu clear soup

Gohan - Sushi Course 6

Chef’s choice of nigiri sushi* 6 courses of seasonal and sustainable seafood with seasonings as follows: 1. Herb 2. Truffle 3. Hot sesame oil 4. Citrus 5. Tare Glaze 6. Marinade

Finale Boston temaki sushi

--- Keiko’s Sweets ---

甘味 Matcha and Chocolate Truffle

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