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WR Cafe Reset / WR Subscription

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Hi all WR Members and visitors!

Thank you for your participation and showing interests. I recently have good questions about subscription and curbside takeout orders, to know how it works.

WR Subscription has nothing to do with takeout orders except earlier notification about the timing to open the order forms, which anybody can see it on the website. However, subscribers get one or two WR News Letters to know updates of Washoku Renaissance and upcoming Shyun Washoku. (You can always unsubscribe from the bottom link in emails. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK.) I am thinking to create more activity on my end, but the system upgrade and the cost will cause that I would have to charge some fees on your subscription, so I hold it off for now. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions by comment or email. My first reaction can be very simple, but I will speak more as you tell more about yourself.

I decided to reset WR Cafe Members List due to no reactions. PLEASE JOIN AGAIN ONLY TO DISCUSS ABOUT YOUR INTEREST, EXPERIENCE, AND QUESTIONS ABOUT JAPANESE CULTURE AND FOOD. I won't necessary notify there about the takeout order form from now on unless I'm asked in discussion. I will look into it monthly to organize to select members who are active there. (Subscribers don't need to be active on the website, but your comments are much appreciated!) Let me know if I should create another room to discuss about my upcoming food service operation, Shyun Washoku, now postponed the opening to July for some construction delays. But I have more time to think about menus and events you will enjoy.!


Washoku Renaissance is an online forum website and blogs which contains information tab for WR Curbside at The Foundation Kitchen Somerville (soon it'll be The Graphic Lofts by Foundation Kitchen Charlestown). I hope your interest goes beyond food, because we are not only producing food with ingredients, but also culture, philosophy, and many experiences in various area of the food industry. I would like you to be able to taste that through the food I make!

Thank you very much.

- Youji

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