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10/14 &15 WR Curbside Order Form is Open!

With an updated Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi menu price set up for the local market price being a little comfortable since the past week.

WR Signature Chirashi has a half box size for $48 (Full size $84)

Members and subscribers appreciation month in October!

Enter your email on our members/subscribers list to get $5 coupon (for the next order) over $100 (before tax), and $10 over $200. Site members (and some subscribers) may get a little surprise depending on amount of activities and orders in the past.

Shyun Washoku Market Soft Opening IIII 10/13, Online Pre-Order is also open!

Hope to see you there, still at 3 Washington Street, Somerville until late in October.

- WR

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