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The Result of polls / Shyun Washoku Valentine's Day Weekend Omakase TakeHome

Hi all!

Thank you very much for a great numbers of polls last week. Now that the form has been closed. As I promised, I will take majorities to set a schedule.. If orders are overflow as the numbers of request I had seem to be, I may open another day, total three days instead of two days!

2/11 Saturday was the guests' first choice. I will send a subscribers/members newsletter with a private link and open for 2/11 by this Sunday night. I also send the link for those who sent me feedback via instagram. You will see 2/11 6pm (It means 6 - 7pm. You can choose your pickup time later.) ONLY for a few days, because I should let people, who cannot make order before slots on 2/11 are filled, have another chance to order.

If that is the case for you, please let me know about your optional day ASAP.

2/10 Friday and 14 Tuesday were equally the 2nd choice. Depending on inquiries, I will open these two days at the same time by Tuesday night.

Sorry about people for 2/12 Sunday. But please order on other day if one of that can be your option! And, never know if I would have to open 2/12, too. (not promising right now.)

I will make a public post to take orders from next weekend. If you are not a member or subscriber, please submit "subscribe form" now, or send me a direct message via Instagram to communicate.

See you in the next newsletter soon.

Thank you very much!



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