WR Curbside Spring to Summer 2022 -Ordering Guide

Hello WR Members and people who have visited to check WR Curbside menu,

I will change up the menu to follow local seafood companies that have seafood sustainability programs, prepare paperless & effortless ingredients list by unique QR code, discover highest quality products of side dishes for industrial sustainability. I push the process towards the end of May, but starting date is TBD.

New schedule will be up time to time at "WR Curbside Order" link https://www.washokurenaissance.com/wr-curbside-order-forms,

Facebook, and Instagram.


Pre-order only. An order form is published 10 days to a week before the curbside day, and close the form whenever the ordering slots are full, or 72 hours before the pick-up time. Payment will be required on receiving an order confirmation and payment methods email. Pick up time is 6pm - 6:30pm (or a time designated) and the location is at Foundation Kitchen, 3 Washington Street, Somerville, MA 02143.

Please call me upon arrival (my phone number will be provided after confirmation), and I will meet you outside the front door according to the kitchen's policy and COVID protocols.


Possibly unfamiliar terms are defined below. Additional explanations and stories will follow in posts.

>Omakase おまかせ- Leave it up to chef. That is however only the simple definition. Omakase has a much deeper, and complex meaning which I will explain in a separate blog post.

>Chirashi ちらし- Sushi donburi, or box, with assorted sashimi fish and other ingredients on top of the rice.

>Sashimi Chirashi - An omakase chirashi. “Relatively” thin slice sashimi fish on a bed of sushi rice.

>Poke Jewel Chirashi - Poke style diced sashimi with assorted fish (omakase) seasoned with WR original poke sauce, on a bed of sushi rice. Garnished with mixed greens.

>Ruby 梅- Most reasonable option, smaller size (typically about 7 slices for sashimi chirashi) - This may be back in the near future by enough request.

>Sapphire 竹- This is the signature box. Dinner size for most people, featuring some premium fish. (Typically, about 10 slices for sashimi chirashi)

>Platinum 松- Sapphire size, with additional super premium fish and/or other super premium ingredients. Since uncertainty of availability for super premium ingredients, I have to communicate about price. It may happen that I cannot make Platinum, or it can be very limited, depending on availability.

>Gold 寿 - This may appear once in a while (if not often) when we make a very special one on the top of Platinum. We possibly can make a special private catering order with the high end Japanese fish with two to three weeks advance order. Typically, one fish (or Japanese Uni for example) will cost you $350 - 450, though.

>Nigiri Sushi - It's a traditional form of Edo-Mae sushi. (Please forgive the inaccurate description since Edo-Mae only used Tokyo area ingredients. However, this is the only way to explain it in the US.) Not just fish slices on sushi rice balls. Moisture control, occasionally aging process is given to fish, to work well with seasoned rice. We also minimize seasoning and toppings to feature main ingredients' flavor.

>Soup - Boxes don't come with soups. Soup (broth) portions are about 6 oz.

<Soy Sauce Instruction>

All Sashimi Chirashi boxes will come with a small WR original soy sauce bottle. (For poke boxes come with WR original poke sauce, whose fish are lightly seasoned with sesame oil and sea salt.) Please pour a little amount of sauces from top of sashimi/sushi fish instead of putting it in a saucer to make wasabi soy sauce to dip in, unless you really have to. (I will make a separate blog for this, too!)

I hope this is enough for you to comfortably read our menu. I can always update this page to make it sense for as many of you as possible. Please give me your feedback to make this guide better.

Thank you very much!

-Youji Iwakura

Washoku Renaissance / WR Curbside

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