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Shyun Washoku by WR Curbside at Foundation Kitchen

New Premium Bento Set Takeout Pop-Up 2022

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We provide modern sashimi chirashi-zushi (assorted raw fish on sushi rice) and nigiri sushi for curbside pick-up on designated days.​

- See the latest Blog "WR Shyun Washoku Curbside Pickup" at the bottom.

Ordering Guide:

***In the past week, we had an order that Omakase Sushi & Sashimi Set was marked, but the question column had a message "do not want to order the set but had to be chosen to order other items."  Other items are only options for people to order the set. Please do not take other people's opportunity to order it. Instead, ask us first if you have that type of questions before signing up. The best way to understand each other is to communicate directly.

Info Page:

WR Curbside Home | Washoku Renaissance 和食ルネッサンス


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